I love teaching. I was 16 when I got my first job teaching English in Brazil. Below are some classes I taught and related teaching experiences (many of them related to language and linguistics. See more of my background on that here):


Instructor Positions:

Part-time Lecturer – Writers at Newark  (creative writing minor undergraduate course), Rutgers-Newark, Fall 2017

Adjunct Faculty – Portuguese, Montclair State University, Department of Spanish and Italian, Spring 2014

Photography Instructor – private group class for mothers and their children (article here and here), Spring 2014

Adjunct Faculty – English as a Second Language (ESL, ESL Comp), Union County College, Fall 2009 – Summer 2011

Adjunct Faculty – ESL, Hudson County Community College, Fall 2010

Instructor – Portuguese, Baruch College Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS), Summer 2009

Instructor – Ling 5 (Languages of the World), UCLA Extension, Fall 2007

Instructor – Ling 20 (Introduction to Linguistics), UCLA, Summer 2007

Instructor – Ling 20 (Introduction to Linguistics), UCLA, Summer 2006

Instructor – English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Number One, Brasilia, 1998

Instructor – EFL, Latin American Institute of Languages, Brasilia, 1998 and 2000 (Brazilian Summer)

Instructor – EFL, Elite Institute, Brasilia 1997

Instructor – EFL, Mnemo System, Brasilia 1996


Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions:

TA – Ling 165B (Syntax II), taught by Prof. Hilda Koopman, UCLA, Spring 2007

TA – Ling 165B (Syntax II), taught by Prof. Dominique Sportiche, UCLA, Winter 2007

TA – Ling 20 (Introduction to Linguistics), taught by Prof. Bruce Hayes, UCLA, Fall 2006

TA – Ling 127 (Syntactic Typology), taught by Dr. Aaron Sonnenschein, UCLA, Spring 2006

TA – Ling 1 (Introduction to Language), taught by Prof. Philippe Schlenker, UCLA, Winter 2006

TA – Ling 120B (Syntax I), taught by Prof. Dominique Sportiche and Prof. Ed Stabler, UCLA, Fall 2006


Other Teaching Positions:

Online course director and content creator (Portuguese and ESL), Mango Languages, 2007- 2008

(Undergraduate) Academic ESL and Linguistics Tutor, UCLA Athletic Tutorials, Summer and Fall 2002


Relevant Conference Presentation:

Student Created Assessment for Creative, Independent, Self-Motivated Learners.” Emerging Learning Design Conference, Montclair, NJ, 2014


Teaching Coursework:

ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction – curriculum and practice using researched-based teaching techniques – completing it during the Fall Semester, 2017 at Rutgers-University Newark)

College teaching of linguistics (teaching methods for teaching assistants), UCLA Linguistics Department, 2005

Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) qualification to train TAs, UCLA Instructional Development, Fall 2007

Company teacher training programs on ESL at Number One (1998) and Mnemo System (1996).


Other relevant teaching experiences:

Leading kick off training sessions and ongoing training of clients and employees on operating Oracle Knowledge language based search, information manager and analytics as a Consultant Language Architect at Infogain (Summer 2013) and Language Engineer (InQuira, 2008-2009).

Member of the UCLA Linguistics Teaching Evaluation Committee, 2004-2005

Reading Group organizer and leader – Student and faculty reading group on Minimalist Syntax, University of Queensland, 2003

Private tutor (ESL, Portuguese, Photography, Linguistics) intermittently, 1998-2016