Artist Statement

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[Note: this page is about my work as a photographer. For a note about my writing see ‘Writing‘.  To see a note on my personal or former business photographs read about my documentary/lifestyle photography, or see photography press or praise.]


My work consists of strong graphical compositions exploring conceptual themes, usually involving themes of human connections to themselves, to one-another and to the environment.

I have recently done a series of projects on the depiction of women in photographs, exploring the aesthetics of fashion photography and celebrity portraiture and the relationship between their depersonalized photographs of people and our perception of a real person.

My most recent work makes use of the technique know as double exposure, taking two exposures into one photograph. This is done in-camera, conflating the exposures as they are taken in sequence (rather than in post processing). It requires careful planning and pre-visualization, while also allowing for an element of surprise in the results. In ‘Double Exposure’, portraits of two subjects (my mother and I) are superimposed with textiles belonging to either of us (dresses, shirts, bed sheets). These graphical compositions conceal much of the detail usually present in portraiture, while at the same time revealing true aspects of the subjects. I also use double-exposure to explore the relationship between organic shapes and materials found in nature and the shapes and textures of man-made design and synthetic materials. It presents natural textures delimited into man-made shapes and vice-versa, source materials conflated with the products that result from them, and conflates man-made shapes that resemble shapes found in nature.

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