PB&J‘  in The American Poetry Review

‘Vigil’ in The American Poetry Review

Line‘ in Rattle

When they come for us on the 7 train‘ in Rattle (Poets Respond)

‘Ronald Reagan’ in Sugar House Review

Madrugada at Grandma’s‘ in [PANK]

Fall‘ in The Offing

‘What I think about when I think of Gravitational Waves’ first appeared in The Offing (also in LIGO Magazine)

Zoológico, circa 1982‘ in Hobart

‘Caruru’ in Hobart

Cleaning the Colonial‘ in Connotation Press.

Transa‘ in Superstition Review

Vegetarian‘ in Spilled Milk Magazine

say something‘ first appeared in The Heavy Feather Review  (also in Verse‘s “The Day After the Election I Did Not Go Outside“)

Bee‘ in The Acentos Review

‘Mother Tongue’ in The Acentos Review

‘Contour’ in The Acentos Review

Sitting by the Hudson‘ in Origins

‘Bird’ in Origins

‘Vacation Bed’ in Origins

‘Make America Great Again’ in Public Pool

Shakespeare in the Park in Escarp


More work upcoming in:

New South

The Collagist


Birmingham Poetry Review

Written There 2017 (The Community of Writers’ Anthology)